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ASWIN: African Spiders’ Web Initiative

The African Spiders Webs Project is an IIJD Initiative stemming from the resolutions and recommendations of the first International Conference on the State of Affairs of Africa (ICSAA), organized by the IIJD in October 2006. One of the primary recommendations called for Africans living abroad and those in the Diaspora to participate in the development of the continent of Africa and for the governments of African Countries to create favorable environments for them to do so.

The goal of this initiative is to provide the opportunity for Africans living out of the continent to participate in an organized and efficient way in the development of Africa.

The project consists of initiating a process to solicit projects conceived and designed by Africans living abroad in collaboration with local beneficiary communities in their respective country or community of origin on the African continent.

The IIJD establishes partnerships with international NGOs or individuals who are willing to be part of this initiative and who can contribute to the realization of specific projects. The aim of those partnerships will be to avoid duplication of efforts and to allow well meaning organizations or individuals, and development groups to contribute their expertise to the realization of projects. Partnerships will also be established with universities, corporations, development agencies and/or international organizations and those willing to contribute financially.

The IIJD offers a wide range of integrated multidisciplinary international development services ranging from institutions reforms, stakeholder engagement, monitoring and evaluation, grants management, public-private partnerships and capacity building.

The IIJD's approach is based on sound science, the use of innovative technologies and best practices to guarantee local ownership and sustainable development long after a project is complete.