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Career and consulting Opportunities

The IIJD seeks intellectually and professionally motivated candidates who share our passion to make a difference and our vision for a better and a safer world. We are committed to fostering a diverse, multicultural work environment and continually attract, retain and motivate extraordinarily talented professionals. If you are thinking about working at the IIJD, getting involved in one of the IIJD initiatives or projects as consultant, or intern, please send us your resume, cover letter and writing sample at:

The IIJD is an Equal Opportunity /affirmative action employer. We are committed to fostering a diverse, multicultural work environment where employees respect one another and share a commitment to the IIJD’s values, mission, approach, and strategies. We provide equal opportunities to all and do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran or marital status.

Available Career Opportunities
  • VP, Chief Operational Officer
  • VP, Institution Advancement Department
  • Director of Program Development and Grant Writing
  • Program Development and Grant Writing Associate
Consulting Opportunities
International Institute for Justice and Development (IIJD) Inc is an international not-for-profit, non-partisan, consulting, charitable and educational corporation specialized on Justice and Development issues. Founded in 2001 to promote the principles of democratic governance and the Rule of Law for all people nationally and internationally, IIJD’s mission focuses on the underlying causes of poverty, development crisis, and seeks to address the startling weaknesses often found in the development field through an innovative top-down and bottom-up approach. The IIJD actively advocates for systemic reform and support capacity building.

Through its top-down methodology, the IIJD considers the development of an independent judiciary and access to a free and fair justice system to be among the most important factors in advancing democracy, establishing good governance, protecting human rights, and assuring sustainable development. Only through the reform of the systems of governance can we combat corruption, demand accountability, secure investments, and create an incentive for educated and capable citizens to stay and contribute to their countries' futures. In addition to confronting the underlying causes of poverty at the international and national levels, the IIJD works at the local level to strengthen civil society.

Through its bottom-up methodology which includes working with local grassroots organizations to address community-defined problems, the IIJD supports local capacity-building and community-based development through its Development Program. Using local expertise to design and implement community-based projects, the IIJD reinforces the efforts of its partners with resources and expertise to achieve long-term solutions. We firmly believe at IIJD that only by combining these two efforts can we address the issues of development aid effectiveness, and most importantly, poverty alleviation on a global scale. International Institute for Justice and Development (IIJD), Inc., seeks dedicated, flexible, creative, self-starter individuals, talented and committed individuals to assist in our efforts to promote Justice and Development solutions worldwide. IIJD intends to work with professionals from different countries that are willing to take part in projects focusing on the rule of law; judicial reform; democratic governance; institutional capacity building, and Justice system reform in order to addressing the systemic weaknesses of the institutions of governance in Sub-Sahara Africa and other developing countries.

IIJD maintains a consultant database of justice and development experts with the technical skills and expertise to implement our programs. If you have at least five years of professional experience, with a minimum of one year working overseas, and would like to be included in our database, please e-mail your resume to We will contact you if your background fits the particular needs of our current or future projects. In order for your resume to obtain the most exposure in our database, please include language skills on your resume. We encourage you to send us the updated version of your resume to ensure we have your most current information. IIJD's consultants typically have experience working in one or more of the following areas:
  • Legislative reform and the law drafting process
  • Constitutional reform
  • Regulatory reform
  • Judicial education and court administration
  • Elections and political processes
  • Democratic governance
  • Institutional capacity building
  • Global research of legal instruments
  • Comparative legal analyses
  • Surveys and Research Analysis
  • Sustainable development
  • Economic policy reform
  • Public administration and civil service reform
  • Business and enterprise development
  • Access to drinking water and sanitation
  • Public and civic education
  • Civil society strengthening and citizen participation
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Local government development

IIJD is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, political affiliation, religion, gender, disability, and/or sexual orientation.