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In order to foster democratic governance, peace and global security, the IIJD leadership exchange initiative carries out an exchange program that supports the professional and leadership development of foreign participants.

The purpose is to engage with foreign leaders, mainly elected public officers and civic leaders of emerging democracies in Africa, policymakers or policy influencers in the academic, public and private organizations from developing countries and poor communities, and to promote a mutual understanding between the leaders and people of the United States and those of participant countries.

Through this Initiative, the IIJD brings rising leaders, elected officials of emerging democracy to visit, examine and learn democratic, legislative and government practices from county and states to federal levels in the United States.

The IIJD leadership exchange typically includes fellowship, study tours or workshops in the United States and in the host country. Participants come from a variety of professions and include education administrators, public servants, journalists, labor union officials, elected officials, legislatives staff, and civil society leaders. The maximum duration for engagement in this exchange is one year, followed by feedbacks on the lessons learned and their effective application