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The IIJD is the world  leader in addressing the root causes of Africa’s development crisis. Through its programs, projects, activities, and initiatives, the IIJD has considerably changed the way Africa’s development crisis and persistent poverty are viewed in the international development community.  Following are some of the ways the IIJD impacts the way international development work is being accomplished today. Its innovative approach will continue to considerably change the way issues have being viewed, understood and addressed in Africa for decades.  Impacts and recent contributions:
Promoting successful democratic governance change in Africa:
For years, the IIJD has played a very important role in promoting democratic governance change in Africa. We have been in contact with several governments in Africa on the issues of institutional reforms. The IIJD efforts were crucial in the successful transition in Guinea. Our advices, recommendations and expertise proved to be essential in achieving the results and peaceful transition of power from the military to a first democratically elected president of Guinea.
Advocating for change on the focus of international development work in Africa for better results and effectiveness:
Since its inception, the IIJD has been effectively contributing in discussions and meetings with members of the US Congress, with officials and experts of the US Justice Department, the US Department of State, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and the White House, to advocate for a stronger focus on institutional reform with special emphasis on justice systems. The establishment of independent and well functioning justice system in Africa is viewed by the IIJD as a way: (1) - to tackle Africa’s development crisis and persistent poverty, (2)- to effectively promote democratic governance and guarantee accountability, and (3)- to build a strong institutional foundation capable of ensuring sustainable development.
Educating and helping others understand the underlying causes of persistent poverty in Africa:
Thanks to the IIJD relentless efforts to pushing, educating, and advocating for changes in the international development works and approaches, the reform of the institutions of governance and those of the judicial systems are today accepted as an essential part of the new model of development, and an indispensable basis for democratic governance in Africa. Institutional reform is becoming an important focus of the US foreign aid policy. Plus, we are also very pleased that the effect of institutional reforms on addressing development crisis and tackling poverty is also being studied as emerging disciplines at major educational institutions such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute for Technology (MIT). The IIJD’s internship program has welcomed more than 200 college and graduate students since its inception in 2005.
Increasing local citizen participation and African Diaspora involvement in addressing the issues Africa faces:
As recommended at the 2006 International Conference on the State of Affairs of Africa (ICSAA), the African Diaspora population is being recognized as a valuable partner for Africa development by international development groups and foreign governments.