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Our Work
With our current focus on Africa, the IIJD’s programs, initiatives, and projects are based on direct participation, empowerment, and sustainability. We look at the big picture of poverty, insecurity, underdevelopment, and go beyond the symptoms to confront the underlying causes. There are two main programs at the IIJD: Justice and Development. Both supported by an Education and Advocacy program.

Our work consists of:

  • Dismantling systemic barriers by addressing institutional weaknesses that create an environment of corruption, exclusion, repression and economic stagnation.
  • Reforming the institutions of the system of governance and strengthening the judiciary.
  • Providing consulting services, technical advice, and services to individuals, government agencies, public & private institutions and civil societies worldwide.
  • Conducting research, analysis, and organizing educational seminars, conferences.
  • Performing studies and evaluations, designing and implementing programs, identifying and providing technical assistance to promote justice and development.
  • Providing an opportunity for Africans living abroad and the friends of Africa to participate in the continent development in an organized and more efficient way.
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