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IIJD Staff
The IIJD emphasizes respect for individual employees, healthy interpersonal office relations, and clear communication. The development of good working conditions within the organization is a high priority.

The IIJD staff is culturally diverse and members' backgrounds include law, banking and finance, education, marketing, human rights, academic research, and international relations. We encourage our staff to stay on the cutting edge of research, technology, and management by attending regular training sessions.

We believe that a dedicated staff of professional consultants with extensive professional experience is the key to success. Trainees range from government officials to small-business owners and community organizers. The IIJD staff members are encouraged to develop both professionally and personally. We expect our employees to be prepared to work with a high level of initiative and to develop goals for personal development.

The IIJD’s combined expertise, managerial resources, and commitment to development make us a valuable partner for like-minded organizations.