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The international justice initiative supports efforts undertaken under the justice system reform initiative. This initiative seeks to raise awareness on issues relevant to the international community. Global education on international justice issues is a key to raising awareness of breaches of justice and for the promotion of the rule of law around the world. An increased global awareness is instrumental to security for all and for ending impunity for the worse crimes. This initiative works to end impunity and crimes against humanity by conducting studies and evaluations to encourage the effective implementation and development of international justice mechanisms throughout the world. The IIJD promotes and advocates fairness and ethical standards of behavior in all international monetary and trade transactions and international relations
The goal here is to participate in campaigns aiming to:
  • Increase the international community’s awareness of injustices in economic exchange and violations of basic human rights, propose solutions, and stimulate action.
  • Promote at the international level the establishment of independent judiciaries to combat corruption, human rights abuses, crimes against humanity, and uphold good governance and accountability in Africa.
  • Promote the establishment of fair and accessible justice systems that abide by international standards and best practices.