Justin E. Crawford, Esq.

- CEO of Law Resource Exchange,

  - Managing Attorney at Geraghty Suarez, LLP

  - IIJD's Director

Justin E. Crawford is an entrepreneur responsible for the startup and management of several diverse organizations.  Since starting Renaissance Shipping Agency, Inc. (www.RSAgency.net) in 2003, Justin has grown this corporation into a successful international shipping agency that currently handles containerized cargo marine operations throughout the US, Mexico, Central America, and some ports in South America, in addition to proving a number of consulting services on everything from hazardous materials compliance training to organizational efficiency.  As the Managing Attorney at Geraghty Suarez, LLP., (www.GSmultimodal.com), he helped launch, and continues to run the office and strategic management functions of, a successful and respected maritime law firm specializing in multimodal defense work.  As the CEO of Law Resource Exchange (www.LawResourceExchange.com), Justin manages a diverse team of designers, developers, and content creators throughout the country and on three different continents to help grow a web-based business designed to cater to the needs of law students around the country. 

Justin’s interest in international justice issues began during his world travels while at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, a federal academy where he received his undergraduate education after being nominated to that institution by US Senator John McCain.  He also spent 13 years as an officer in the US Naval Reserve before retiring in 2009, which provided numerous opportunities to get a global perspective on economic and justice issues. 

In addition to a law degree, which he received from a Top 100 Law School after graduating Cum Laude, Justin brings to the IIJD Board of Directors a wide range of experience in the areas of business management and information technology solutions relevant to the operation and mission of IIJD.