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The Jasmine Revolution: The Beginning of the End of Tunisian Dictatorship
Over the past several weeks, the world has watched with
The Woes of Political Promises in Africa
One fundamental lesson growing democracies in Africa must learn in
Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire: Promoting and Preserving Democracy in the African Context
Almost simultaneously, the people of Guinea and Cote D’Ivoire carried
The IIJD Welcomes the Interim President of the Republic of Guinea
The IIJD to honor the Interim President of the Republic
The Ibrahim Index: Measuring African Successes and Failures
For the fourth year now, the Mohamed Ibrahim Foundation has
Recognizing the Role of Women in African Peace and Security
Recent reports of the mass rape of women in the
Somalia and the ‘Bottom-Up’ Approach to Governance
Since the end of a horrific civil war that resulted
Africa and Its Accused: Growing Challenges to the ICC in Africa
On August 27, 2010, as Kenya celebrated the passing of
Burundi Elections: Great Hopes and Great Disappointments
Democratic elections have a profound significance that goes beyond the
Kenya’s New Constitution: Erasing the Imperial Presidency
In 1963, in tandem with achieving independence, Kenya adopted its
Rwanda Presidential Election 2010: Rwanda’s New Political Victims
On August 10, 2010, shortly after his victory in the
Fix the Roads: Kenya’s MPs and the Audacity of Greed
“If you feel MPs are being paid heftily, join parliament.
Promises and Plans: An Analysis of G8 Aid to Africa
The G8 Muskoka Summit on June 25th, like previous summits,
Guinea: Breaking the Dictatorship Domino Effect
The December 2009 shooting of Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, the
Africa’s Waning Waters: Dispute over the Nile
With populations booming throughout Africa and water sources already strained
The Sudan Elections: Endeavoring Democracy in a Most Undemocratic Environment
A prominent belief amongst African leaders today is that the
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): MONUC’s Impending Withdrawal
In approximately one month, the mandate of the United Nations’
IIJD Call for Action: Niger Must Return to Democracy
Last August 2009, The International Institute for Justice and Development
Media Restrictions in Zimbabwe: The Path to Free and Fair Access
Since achieving independence from colonial powers, African nations have struggled
IIJD Call for Action: Crisis in Somalia
The IIJD has responded to the crisis in Somalia with
IIJD Call for Action: Fatou Jaw Manneh Remains in Gambia
UPDATED: The IIJD continues its call for action to release