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Land Grabs and the Continued Fight for African Economic Self-determination
For the majority of Africans, their economic livelihoods are tied
The Environmental Destruction and Resource Exploitation of African Land Grabs
In addition to infringing on property rights, economic rights, and
African Land ‘Grabs’ and the Growing International Food Crisis
If you’ve been job searching in the international development field
The Uncertain Future of a Nation: What Will Become of Western Sahara?
The Sahrawi have been under the occupation of Spain and
Legal Rights Owed to the Sahrawi: Self-Determination and Use of Natural Resources
Introduction Self-determination has been a point of contention for the
The Fight Over Western Sahara: The Issue of Decolonization
In 1960, the United Nations General Assembly issued the Declaration
Showdown at The Hague: Tens of thousands to support the former Pr. Laurent Gbagbo of Cote d’Ivoire
The international Criminal Court (ICC) postponed the hearing scheduled to
Egypt 2012 Presidential elections results: Run-off on June 16 and 17th, 2012
Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik and Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed
What the Coup d’État in Mali Teaches Us
On March 22, 2012 a military coup, led by the
Senegalese Presidential Elections: How Wade’s Attempts to Confiscate Power Failed
Throughout the world, people have demonstrated by their actions that
Cameroon: Victim of Political Apathy
On April 21, 2008, an insignificant, but determined number of
November 2011 IIJD Newsletter Update
Liberia: Presidential Run-Off Election Set to Go Ahead Next Week
October 2011 IIJD Newsletter Update
Zambia: Zambians Elect New President; Sata Begins Overhaul of Government.
Zambia Presidential Election: Setting an Example for Africa
In September, Zambians voted in a new president, opposition party
IIJD September 2011 Newsletter Update
Egypt: Mubarak Trial Begins in Cairo. The trial against former
South Sudan: Independence Marked by Major Challenges
On July 9, 2011, the world officially welcomed its newest
Kenya Institutional reforms Updates
After the December 2007 post-election violence where more than one
Eritrea’s Not So Special Court
The Eritrean judiciary is largely based on the structure of
August 2011 IIJD Newsletter Update
Somalia: Al Shabaab Abandons Mogadishu while Over 29,000 Somali Children
The Ben Ali Trial in Tunisia: A Hollow Justice
Background: Tunisia at the Beginning of the Arab Spring Revolution
The Moroccan King’s Speech Edition
In many Arab countries this past spring, the falling of
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